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Regarding DPR's upcoming category changes: As our Test Preparation courses have historically only covered Laws & Regs and categories A, B, C, and D, PAPA does not have plans to offer a Test Prep course or study materials for the new L (Soil Fumigation) and M (Non-Soil Fumigation) categories (the current categories L, M, N, O, and P are being eliminated as of January 1, 2024). Please visit DPR's Certification and Training Update page for information on the changes. You can also visit our News page, where we have reposted the announcements that DPR has released regarding these new categories and where you can find study materials for them. Please direct all questions regarding the new categories to licensemail@cdpr.ca.gov

All of the courses listed on this page will provide continuing education (CE) hours approved by California's Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and are not intended to assist in preparing for DPR's exams. If you plan on taking a DPR exam and are interested in registering for a QAC/QAL test preparation course, please see our Test Prep page.

Click on “Agenda” next to a course to see the course's DPR approval status, breakdown of laws/other hours, date, time, location, and outline. Agendas will state that DPR hours are either Requested or Approved. Requested means that we do not yet have final DPR approval of the breakdown of laws/other hours. As soon as approval is received, agendas are updated. Agendas are subject to change and this page is updated regularly to reflect the most current information available. If you need an agenda that is no longer posted, please email us.

Some courses may be accredited for the following additional hours: ISA, GCSAA, CCA, Structural/SPCB, or Vector/MVCAC. If additional accreditation is available, it will be noted on the agenda for that event. If additional accreditation is not noted on the agenda, the event will only provide DPR continuing education hours.

Click here for our Webinar FAQ which has the answers to many common questions about PAPA webinars and details all requirements for webinar attendees to earn CE credit. Please note that webinar capacity is limited as we cannot check IDs, quiz scores, Zoom attendance, etc. for an unlimited number of attendees. 

PAPA also offers five on-demand online courses, in partnership with PestSchool.com. These courses are DPR-approved and are worth 1.0 hour, each. For more information, click here

Please do not register for a CE course and a Test Prep course that are both occurring on the same day. You will not be able to attend both, and likely only need to take one or the other. If you need continuing education to maintain an existing certificate/license, a CE Course is the correct choice. If you plan on taking the DPR QAC/QAL exam, the Test Prep alone will suffice.

Prices for our CE webinars and seminars are listed in the boxes below. Our Multi-Day Conference pricing can be found by clicking on the Conference's agenda, then clicking on the agenda for a registration form. Outdoor Sessions and Field Days are $60.00 per person, there are no member discounts of late fees for these events. To qualify for the member rate for CE course registrations, you must be a member for the same year that the course is being held in. (For example, a 2022 membership will not provide a membership discount for a 2023 course.) Not a member yet? Sign up here! 

Seminar and webinar registrations are open to current members only until 30 days prior to the event date. Registration opens to non-members 30 days prior to the event date.

In-Person Seminars: Minimum of 7.0 DPR hours, each. 
Zoom Webinars: 3.0 DPR hours, each.

Below is the complete list of our upcoming CE courses. The wait list for any sold out events is available to current members only. There is no wait list available to non-members.

Webinar Registration Prices

(no late fees)

Members: $40    Non-Members: $50

Seminar Registration Prices: Members

(must be a member for the current year)

Early: $100     Late: $120

Seminar Registration Prices: Non-Members

Early: $120     Late: $140

CE Courses Location Date Info. Add To Cart
Redlands Seminar: August 22, 2023 08/22/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Zoom Webinar: August 23, 2023 08/23/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Bakersfield Seminar: August 29, 2023 08/29/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Zoom Webinar: September 6, 2023 09/06/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Escondido Seminar: September 7, 2023 09/07/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Santa Maria Seminar: September 20, 2023 09/20/2023 Agenda | Directions Closed
Zoom Webinar: September 26, 2023 09/26/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Antioch Seminar: September 28, 2023 09/28/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: October 4, 2023 10/04/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Indio Seminar: October 5, 2023 10/05/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: October 11, 2023 10/11/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Bakersfield Seminar: October 12, 2023 10/12/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: October 18, 2023 10/18/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Lakewood Seminar: October 19, 2023 10/19/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: October 25, 2023 10/25/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Monterey Seminar: October 26, 2023 10/26/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: October 31, 2023 10/31/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: November 7, 2023 11/07/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Oxnard Seminar: November 9, 2023 11/09/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Chico Seminar: November 16, 2023 11/16/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: November 29, 2023 11/29/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Fullerton Seminar: November 30, 2023 11/30/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: December 5, 2023 12/05/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Stockton Seminar: December 7, 2023 12/07/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Zoom Webinar: December 12, 2023 12/12/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
Sacramento Seminar: December 14, 2023 12/14/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart

Photo ID is required for admittance to all PAPA CE events. PAPA is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged property that may occur during any PAPA event.

Payment Options: You may pay online with a debit/credit card or eCheck. You must be signed in to your account before you can process a payment online. All check payments must be submitted online as eChecks, no exceptions. We no longer accept mailed checks. For email payments, please click here for a printable registration form. For card payments by phone, please call 831-442-3536. We do not accept purchase orders or hold space in any courses without receiving payment. If ACH/EFT is your only payment option, PAPA will enroll. Please send all necessary enrollment documents to info@papaseminars.com

Webinar Late Fee Schedule: There are no late fees for webinars.

Webinar Refund/Cancellation/Transfer/No-Show Policy: We do not offer refunds. Should you need to cancel a webinar registration, please email info@papaseminars.com by 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled webinar to request either a transfer or an account credit in the full amount of your registration fee. Cancellations made after this time, or no-shows on the day of the webinar, are not eligible for a transfer or an account credit – the full registration fee is forfeited in these instances. Webinar attendees are considered no-shows if they are not signed into the webinar by 9:30 a.m. Attendees are responsible for accessing their own Zoom accounts and completing all required steps to earn CE credit. No refunds or transfers will be issued to attendees who miss a webinar due to lack of access to their Zoom account or who do not earn CE credit by failing to meet the requirements to earn credit detailed in our Webinar FAQ

Seminar Late Fee Schedule: Late registration begins 5 calendar days before the seminar for all registrations.

Seminar Refund/Cancellation/Transfer/No-Show Policy: We do not offer refunds. If you would like to transfer your registration to a different seminar, please email info@papaseminars.com. The following timeline applies to seminar cancellations/transfers/no-shows: