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Pesticide Applicators Professional Association

PAPA is a California non-profit, public benefit corporation. We are dedicated to providing quality Continuing Education pertaining to the implementation of safe and effective pest control techniques.

Decisions within PAPA are made by a Board of Directors. The Board is responsible to all members of PAPA, and Directors stand for election every three years. The day-to-day activities of PAPA are administered by an Executive Director who is selected by the Board of Directors.

PAPA’s Primary Functions

  • Sponsor informative and useful Continuing Education (CE) courses (in cooperation with the University of California, municipal agencies, and other industry professionals) pertaining to safety training, laws and regulations, current technology, field-tested research for pest management professionals, and more
  • Provide a means for the recording and yearly accounting of CE hours
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter to inform members of association activities and pest management issues affecting the industry

Member Benefits

  • Tracking of your Continuing Education (CE) hours to make it simple for you to submit your renewal with DPR
  • An official report of your CE hours automatically mailed to you in the summer of your renewal year
  • Quarterly editions of our e-newsletter, Applicators News, covering PAPA updates and the latest industry issues, updates, regulations, and information
  • Discounts on our CE courses with training in every area of importance to the professional pesticide applicator
  • Priority registration for PAPA CE Courses