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Regarding DPR's upcoming category changes: As our Test Preparation courses have historically only covered Laws & Regs and categories A, B, C, and D, PAPA does not have plans to offer a Test Prep course or study materials for the new L (Soil Fumigation) and M (Non-Soil Fumigation) categories (the current categories L, M, N, O, and P are being eliminated as of January 1, 2024). Please visit DPR's Certification and Training Update page for information on the changes. You can also visit our News page, where we have reposted the announcements that DPR has released regarding these new categories and where you can find study materials for them. Please direct all questions regarding the new categories to licensemail@cdpr.ca.gov


PAPA's Test Preparation courses are not California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) exams. Please see the bottom of this page for information on how to register for a DPR exam. 


Please do not register for a CE course and a Test Prep course that are both occurring on the same day. You will not be able to attend both, and likely only need to take one or the other. If you need Continuing Education to maintain an existing certificate/license, a CE Course is the correct choice. If you plan on taking the DPR QAC/QAL exam, the Test Prep alone will suffice.


Our QAC/QAL Test Preparation courses are intended to help you prepare to take the DPR Qualified Applicators Certificate/License (QAC/QAL) exam. PAPA does not offer Test Preparation courses for any other certification or license type, nor do we proctor the actual exam. We only cover QAC/QAL exam categories A, B, C, and D, as well as Laws & Regulations.


For the best chance at success, we recommend allowing sufficient time (at least 4-6 weeks) between taking a Test Prep course and taking DPR’s exam in order to study all of the materials adequately. The likelihood of passing DPR's exams depends on a variety of factors, including the time and effort dedicated to learning the subject matter, thus PAPA cannot guarantee that a Test Prep attendee will pass the DPR exam.


We do not sell our Test Prep study guides separately. They are only provided to enrolled Test Prep attendees. If a Test Prep attendee needs a replacement study guide, one can be purchased for $50.00 + shipping. Contact info@papaseminars.com if you need a replacement study guide.


You do not need to be a PAPA member to register for our Test Prep courses. There is no member discount on Test Prep courses. Test Prep attendees receive a postcard that can be redeemed for a free year of PAPA membership, once they pass the DPR exam.


DPR CE hours are not available at any upcoming PAPA Test Prep courses. 


Included in your Test Prep registration:

  • Morning coffee and lunch (not available for Test Prep webinars)
  • 7 hours of education from PAPA’s Test Prep instructor 
  • PAPA's Test Prep study guide which includes study materials on the following categories: Laws and Regulations, Category A (Residential, Industrial, and Institutional), Category B (Landscape Maintenance), Category C (Right-of-Way), and Category D (Plant Agriculture)
  • Postcard valid for one free year of membership with PAPA, if you pass the DPR licensing exam (once you receive your certificate/license number, fill out the postcard and mail it back to us to receive your free membership)

Test Prep Webinar, no late fees: $200 per person

The Test Prep webinar price includes the shipping fee for your study guide, within the United States. People outside of the United States are welcome to register for our Test Prep webinars, but will be contacted for an additional shipping charge. Please email info@papaseminars.com if you are outside of the United States and have registered for one of our Test Prep webinars.

In-Person Test Prep Registration, early: $225 per person
In-Person Test Prep Registration, late: $260 per person

Below is the complete list of our upcoming Test Prep courses. We will not be adding any 2023 events to this list. 

Course Location Date Info. Add To Cart
2-Day Zoom Test Prep Webinar: Oct. 23-24, 2023 10/23/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
2-Day Zoom Test Prep Webinar: Nov. 1-2, 2023 11/01/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart
2-Day Zoom Test Prep Webinar: Dec. 6-7, 2023 12/06/2023 Agenda | Directions Add To Cart

PAPA is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged property that may occur during any PAPA event.

Payment Options: You may pay online with a debit/credit card or eCheck. You must be signed in to your account before you can process a payment online. All check payments must be submitted online as eChecks, no exceptions. We no longer accept mailed checks. For email payments, please click here or the Agenda above for a printable registration form. For card payments by phone, please call 831-442-3536. We do not accept purchase orders or hold space in any courses without receiving payment. If ACH/EFT is your only payment option, PAPA will enroll. Please send all necessary enrollment documents to info@papaseminars.com

In-Person Test Prep Late Fee Schedule: Late registration begins 5 calendar days before the Test Prep for all registrations.

Test Prep Refund/Cancellation/Transfer/No-Show Policy: We do not offer refunds. If you would like to transfer your registration to a different Test Prep, please email register@papaseminars.com. The following timeline applies to cancellations/transfers/no-shows:

  • Until 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the event: Full registration can be transferred.
  • After 4:00 p.m. the day prior, through 60 days after the event: $50 will be deducted from your registration fee. The remaining funds can be transferred. Please contact us within 60 days post-Test Prep.
  • 61+ days after the event: If you do not contact us within 60 days of the Test Prep, your registration fee will be forfeited completely.

How to register for the QAC/QAL exam: Information on signing up for a DPR exam can be found here. You will need to contact DPR's Licensing Department at 916-445-4038 or visit this page to obtain the exam application. More information is available on DPR's website, www.cdpr.ca.gov.