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PAPA members receive the following benefits: 

  • Tracking of your Continuing Education (CE) hours
  • Discounts on our CE courses
  • Quarterly editions of our e-newsletter, Applicators News
  • An official report of your CE hours mailed to you in the summer of your renewal year*
  • New in 2022! Members receive priority registration for PAPA's CE courses

* PAPA can only track hours for, and provide reports to, those whose highest-ranking certificate or license is a QAC or QAL. We are unable to track hours for, or provide reports to, PCAs, Pilots, or Private Applicators (even if they also hold a QAC or QAL). 

All members, regardless of license type, are eligible for CE course discounts, the newsletter, and priority registration. 

Regardless of the date your membership is purchased, the following apply:

  • PAPA membership always expires on December 31 of the respective year. (All 2022 memberships expire on December 31, 2022.) 
  • PAPA membership covers hours tracking (for licensees whose highest-ranking certificate or license is a QAC or QAL) from January 1 – December 31 of the respective year. (2022 membership covers hours tracking from January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.) 

Please refer to the tables on page two of this document (from DPR's website):


  • Most QAC/QALs require 20 hours of CE (minimum of 4 must be laws).
  • Categories M, N, P, and Q require 8 hours (minimum of 2 must be laws).
  • Category H licenses require 4 hours (minimum of 2 must be laws).


Law hours minimums must be met. Excess law hours can be applied to your total number of hours. 


Please go to DPR's website for more information:

QAC/QALs need to complete their hours within their 2-year licensing period, but are not restricted as to how many hours are earned per year. (Example: You can get 10 hours each year, 14 hours in one year and 6 the next, 20 hours all in one year, etc.)

You must complete the required hours by December 31st of your expiration year. You can renew your license for up to one year after it expires, but you will be subject to a late fee after December 31st.

Members can print a copy of their unofficial CE report from our website (must be logged in). DPR does not require the official copy of your CE report, but the official copy looks better than the website version.

If you prefer to use an official CE report when mailing your renewal to DPR, email us at Please remember to include your certificate/license number in your email request.

PAPA does not, and cannot, submit proof of your CE hours to DPR on your behalf, regardless of your membership status. You must submit proof of your earned hours, along with your renewal packet and fee, when submitting your renewal to DPR.  

If your last name begins with A-L, you will renew on even-numbered years.

If your last name begins with M-Z, you will renew on odd-numbered years.

DPR sends out renewal applications each summer for the current renewal period. If you do not receive your renewal application please contact DPR's Licensing Department at 916-445-4038 or

You can also download the DPR renewal application here

PAPA courses will be reflected on your report within 2-3 weeks of completion. 

Courses taken with other sponsors can take 2-6 weeks to be processed onto your report. 

The process for courses to appear on your report goes as follows:

Course sponsor submits your attendance information on your behalf directly to CECPM > CECPM processes and records your attendance > PAPA has access to the CECPM database, which is where the member CE reports we provide are drawn from.

There is no workaround for the above process. Please do not send PAPA copies of your certificates from courses taken with other sponsors as we cannot add them to your report. 

Attendance for a course may be missing from your record for any one of the following reasons:

  1. The attendance has yet to be sent to CECPM.
  2. You may have signed the sign-in sheet or completed the scantron with the wrong license number.
  3. You may have forgotten to sign in or turn in your scantron at the time of the course.
  4. Course sponsors may delete your record of attendance if your registration is not paid in full. This deletion can be reinstated with proper payment.
  5. Course sponsors are not required by DPR or any laws to submit hours to CECPM for processing. If the sponsor of your course does/will not send your hours to CECPM, then there is no way for PAPA to track your hours for that course.

If the attendance does not appear on your record within 2-6 weeks of the course and you feel that any of these may apply to you, please contact the course sponsor.

You may update your contact information when logged into your account in our website. Email address changes must be made by a PAPA staff member. Please email so that we can update it for you. Please remember to include your certificate/license number.

All licensees, regardless of license type, must also send any change of address or contact information to DPR. PAPA cannot update your address with DPR for you.

Our CE courses are designed to provide Continuing Education to licensed pesticide applicators. Our Test Prep courses are designed for those who wish to take the DPR exam to obtain a QAC or QAL. 

Email for login assistance.

Each email address can only be used to set up one account.

If you are registering someone else, not yourself, then you must sign in to their account. If they do not already have an account, create one with their name and contact information. 

We can set up a Group Administrator account for you if you have multiple people that you are responsible for registering. Please email to create a Group Administrator account.

PAPA webinars each offer 3.0 hours of CE. The number of Laws vs. Other hours varies. 

PAPA seminars each offer 7.0 - 8.0 hours of CE. The number of Laws vs. Other hours varies. 

PAPA online courses, hosted on, each offer 1.0 Other hour of CE. 

On our CE Courses page, click on "Agenda" next to a course to the the course's DPR approval status, breakdown of laws/other hours, date, time, location, and outline. Agendas will state either Requested or Approved. Requested means that we do not yet have final DPR approval of the breakdown of laws/other hours. As soon as approval is received, agendas are updated. 

Yes, we do! Please visit our CE Courses page to view available webinars or go here to learn about our 1-hour on-demand online courses.