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PAPA offers three scholarships to students enrolled in accredited colleges. A student you know could be the recipient of up to $5,000!

The 2024 Scholarship application period is now closed. The 2025 Scholarship application period opens on January 1, 2025.

2024 Scholarship Eligibility: At the time of application, all applicants must
- have successfully completed one semester/quarter of college (current high-school students and students currently in their first college semester/quarter are not eligible)
- be currently enrolled in the Spring 2024 semester/quarter as a student at an accredited college 
- be returning as a student in Fall 2024
- have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

Proof of enrollment in the 2024 Fall Semester will be required to receive scholarship funds.

The following criteria specific to each scholarship also apply:

Legacy Scholarship: $3,000
- At the time of application, community college students must be enrolled at least half-time and 4-year college students must be enrolled full-time
- If attending Fall 2024 at a community college, must be attending at least half-time and if attending a 4-year college in Fall 2024, must be attending full-time
- Parent/legal guardian must be a 2024 PAPA member at the time of application
- All majors may may apply

Agriculture/Horticulture Community College Scholarship: $3,000
- Only available to students enrolled at least half-time at an accredited community college
- If returning in Fall 2024 at a community college, must be returning at at least half-time and if starting a 4-year college in Fall 2024, must be starting at full-time
- Studies must have an agricultural/horticultural focus (examples of acceptable majors)

Agriculture/Horticulture Scholarship: $5,000
- Only available to students enrolled full-time at an accredited 4-year college (must have completed a quarter/semester at the 4-year college at the time of application – students enrolled at community college in Spring 2024 and transferring to a 4-year college in Fall 2024 should apply for the Agriculture/Horticulture Community College Scholarship)
- Must be returning to a 4-year college in Fall 2024 at full-time
- Studies must have an agricultural/horticultural focus (examples of acceptable majors)

Additional Honors: Award Amounts Vary
PAPA's Scholarship Committee may, at its discretion, select additional winners from the available candidates for all three Scholarships. 

Additional Polcies: Incomplete/inaccurate applications will not be considered and applicants will not be contacted for supplemental information. Students who apply but do not meet all eligibility requirements will be removed from consideration and will not be informed of their disqualification. Applicants who have previously been awarded a PAPA scholarship (not including runners-up/additional honors) are not eligible to apply for current of future scholarships from PAPA. Applicants who have previously applied and did not receive one of the three main awards may apply again. Applicants may apply for more than one scholarship at the same time, with the following restrictions: The $3,000 Ag/Hort Community College Scholarship and the $5,000 Ag/Hort Scholarship may not be applied for by the same person and no one may apply for all three scholarships.

  Bianey Medina Garcia

Winner of the 2023
$5000 Ag-Hort Scholarship

  Tony Chung

Winner of the 2023
$3000 Ag-Hort Scholarship

  Helene Katzakian

Winner of the 2023
$3000 Legacy Scholarship

  Masie Skelton

Winner of a 2023
$2500 Additional Honor

  Jakob Barrera

Winner of a 2023
$1500 Additional Honor